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W.E. win another award! #SmartSocial

July 30, 2014

#SmartSocail AwardHaving launched our e-boutique in February, we were over the moon to win the #WOW Award just one month in and now, as we approach our sixth month trading, we’ve been lucky enough to win another!
Designer Decisions - What customers look for in a new brand.

July 11, 2014

W.E. Designer Decisions
  We live in an age where you can shop where you want for exactly what you want, at any time and for the brands that you love. Sounds great, and we all have a designer or brand that we favour, but what about all of the new and exciting design talents breaking through each year? Where do you find them if you don’t even know their name? How can you discover a new designer that creates products perfect for you when they are just another website waiting to be discovered?
W.E. got the look!

June 17, 2014

Here at W.E, we love that you connect with us and our brand ethos. We want you to embrace all that is great about you, dress how you want to dress and ‘be your own story’. Coming from various backgrounds in the fashion industry (make-up, photography, design) we’ve felt the buzz of being hired because the client loved your style and we enjoy nothing more than Tweeting and Facebooking with you to share your style-ups, Outfit of the Day blogs and hilarious chat!